Growing up by the sea in Sandbanks, Beth Coldrick has always had a passion for nature.

When she began suffering from sensitive skin, as a result of medication she was taking for health issues, her love of all things organic led her to develop her own skincare range.

BAO Skincare – pronounced Bay-O – stands for Beth's Aromatherapy Organic, and was created in 2012, when Beth started to create handmade natural skincare that was kind to her skin as well as the environment.

The product development was led by Beth's diagnosis with Crohns Disease and Ulcerative Colitis in 2009. Due to the side effects from the medications she was taking, she started to suffer with extreme sensitive skin.

Failing to find the perfect product, she began testing a plethora of different skincare products, desperate for some relief.

Dorset Society: Beth Coldrick, founder of BAO SkincareBeth Coldrick, founder of BAO Skincare

Beth, who now lives in Southbourne, has a background in health and wellness. After falling in love with surfing aged 18 she went to travel and explore her passion. She lived in Cape Town and Australia during her early 20s, and was exposed to holistic living; walking around barefoot in the sand, growing vegetables and making homemade scrubs and face masks.

In Australia 2005 she studied a Diploma in Natural Beauty Therapy and Nutrition and has been following her passion ever since. Working in spas and beauty salons, gyms and teaching surfing, Beth even built and opened a high-end beauty salon in Dorset, hiring six employees.

Using her insider knowledge of the skin's structure and its needs, she began to bring to fruition her dream of helping and soothing all kinds of skin concerns.

“Our certified organic and vegan skin care products really do make your skin happy, and our uplifting pure scents help calm the mind too,"

says Beth, who now spends her time working tirelessly, researching, creating to keep hers, and her customers skin happy.

She has created all of BAO Skincare’s formulations herself, using natural, vegan and organic ingredients that only nourish, balance and repair the skin deep into the epidermis.

Dorset Society: BAO SkincareBAO Skincare

“BAO is built on honesty and I always put my customers first," Beth says.

"I know that happy skin makes you glow from within, so I promise to continue creating my beautiful products and new ways to do this!”