With many of us reaching for a paintbrush during lockdown, David Wilson Homes Southern has teamed up with its top interior designers to show homeowners in Dorset how they can achieve latest trends while social distancing.

Kate Letteriello, managing director of Artspace Interior Design, has some handy tips for anyone thinking about redecorating to help you create an ambience that’s perfect for the season.

Kate says: “Design trends constantly change throughout the year and we are seeing much more colour being used throughout homes and bold patterns that really help to brighten your mood and reflect on the sunshine.

“The show homes we have designed at David Wilson Homes’ developments showcase a property’s potential, while creating a memorable viewing for house hunters that makes them feel like their dream home is a reachable goal.”

Here are three of Kate's handy hints to help you make the most of your home:


1. Use pastel colours for a soft transition

This season we say goodbye to grey, so why not try teaming your chosen pastels with a warmer base of beige or taupe. Why not try injecting a little sunshine into your interior, whether it be a bright daffodil yellow, more muted mustard or a soft calming lemon it’s bound to bring a little happiness into your home.


2. Brighten your home with patterns, plants and scents

Bright, floral prints are making a comeback this season, turning your home into a bold and beautiful haven that will take you into the summer months.

House plants are still very popular and will really brighten up the home, they are a great way to celebrate the season of new beginnings by bringing the outdoors in.


3. Mix up old and new

An increasingly popular trend is to mix old and new to create an eclectic feel to your home. why not give that old coffee table a new lease of life, and re-paint in one of this season’s on trend colours? Finish the look with quirky accessories bought back from holidays, and don’t forget the sofa, give it a spring makeover by adding a variety of patterned and textured statement cushions.


W: dwh.co.uk