In these continually uncertain times, looking after ourselves has become even more important than ever.

When two friends launched their own wellness business in March 2019, they aimed to encourage everyone to do just that.

Reset Dorset focused on hosting days including workshops, demonstrations, talks and the opportunity to try new fitness classes and food experiences, based around the "Nourish. Rest.Move." ethos.

The pop-up events, run by founders Sophie Spoors and Louise Summerfield, were hugely popular, but the Coronavirus pandemic has forced the pair to re-think the way they work.

"Reset continues to be a hub with the aim of bringing together the very best experts in fitness, health and wellbeing," says Sophie.

"Since lockdown we have obviously had to postpone our events and have therefore started a blog for all of our followers and attendees. They are really lighthearted blogs full of easy content and recommendations that we hope our audience will embrace.

"Lots of easy things that they can delve into if they wish - we want to be really accessible in order for people to really think about themselves and ways to take them out of sometimes dark days or low moods."

Dorset Society:

The first blog was launched at the end of April, as a way of communicating with the Reset attendees, friends and contacts.

"At the start of lockdown we felt pretty overwhelmed by what everyone else seemed to be doing and posting and 'achieving' so we did the opposite and just had a bit of a break," admits Sophie.

"We loved this time as it had been previously quite busy as we had lots of events forthcoming, so we found having more free time a real bonus. We listened more to podcasts, read books, cooked new things, did new fitness classes (virtually), watched a load of new TV shows etc etc.

"We wanted to share all these things with people but also re-engage with our loyal customer base to let them know we were still operating and finding new things (lockdown style) to introduce them to and for them to incorporate into our lives - little things that could make a bit of a difference in a difficult situation."

The pair wanted to add a personal touch to their communication, so engaged through weekly emails, which became blog posts on the Reset website.

"We have covered everything from laugh out loud podcasts to sleep advice, new recipes to online fitness classes and magazine features."

Sophie and Louise have been delighted at the response to the blogs, and are planning to continue with the regular writings.

Another new concept is due to launch this month – the Reset Walk Club.

"People seem to be really excited about this, so we can't wait," says Sophie. "It seems like the perfect time to launch it – getting people enjoying exercise outside, meeting, talking and connecting again."

Dorset Society:

As lockdown restrictions continue to ease, the pair are planning to host their next Reset wellness day on September 24. Ensuring the event follows any necessary government guidelines, the day will feature fitness classes including HIIT, walks, Power Yoga and Barre, plus a fragrance workshop, where attendees will create their own luxury body oil.

In addition, those taking part will enjoy a two-course, homemade lunch, healthy snacks, teas/coffees and, perhaps most importantly, the chance to relax in an idyllic location.

"We usually offer holistic treatments too, but these will perhaps need to be limited due to guidelines at the time", explains Sophie.