Steve Hall has worked for The Noisy Lobster since it opened its doors in 2012. Now head chef, he was part of the set-up team, that helped create and implement the strategy that has enabled the restaurant to become one of the most successful in the south west.

Steve's role is to manage and develop his team to run the kitchen, bakery and fish and chip stall, helping chefs to write menus, plan and ensure each section is run efficiently and to standard.

Each dish is meticulously checked and presentation is essential to ensure the high standard is withheld. Steve ensures ingredients are sourced locally – buying from suppliers he has built strong relationships with over the years – costs each dish to ensure the highest Gross Profit is achieved, makes sure wastage is kept to a minimum and that each day the specials are not only creative, but use up left over ingredients.

Steve, originally from Kendal, Cumbria, also hand picks fish from a local catch, ensures the kitchen maintains the five-star hygiene rating and that all staff adhere to the correct Health and Safety Regulations.

"We offer primarily fresh seafood offering a wide range of shellfish such as mussels, lobster, crabs, oysters and clams.

"Seasonal fish are a huge part of our daily specials helping to ensure we offer the best local produce. We attract a global audience, not just our regulars, and need to offer a wide range – from a burger, fish finger sandwich, fish & chips to wild bass, lobster, crab or a dozen oysters."

Menus are based around what is available seasonally from local suppliers.

"In spring there is an abundance of large and meaty shellfish due to them working hard over the winter and these will feature heavily in our dishes during this period.

"Our seas are home mainly to wild bass however there is a ban fishing them between February and March so the stock can replenish itself. We would focus then more on Dover sole or plaice which are readily available. Native lobsters are only available mainly in warm months, due to them thriving in the heat.

"As the lighter evenings approach, our spring menu is the most exciting. A fresh start with a huge change in the availability of different vegetables offering colourful alternatives including wild garlic, local asparagus, floral vegetables, and different fish coming into local waters such as plaice, dover sole (delicious as Meuniere) or skate simply grilled with Capers and brown butter."

Noisy Lobster, Avon Beach, Mudeford 01425 272162