Christmas Health Quiz Christmas for some is all about over indulgence and expanding waist lines. But there are ways that you can keep your weight and health in check without being a party pooper, says Anna Langridge of Wellbody Health and Fitness.

Test out your knowledge with Anna's Christmas Quiz...


1. Which drink has got the highest amount of sugars?

a) Red wine?

b) White wine?

c) Sparkling wine?


2. How many hours of squats does it take to burn off a full Christmas dinner?

a) 4 hours

b) 1 hour

c) 30 minutes


3. How many white jacket potatoes would you have to eat to match the calorie intake of an average Christmas dinner?

a) 7

b) 13

c) 24 4.


How many calories are in a Gingerbread Latte, fat-free milk, no cream?

a) 200

b) 405

c) 190 5.


What’s the best way to treat a hangover?

a) Go for a long walk

b) Curl up on the sofa with your duvet and watch a movie

c) Exercise for 60 minutes at high intensity


6. Cranberry sauce is a great source of:

a) Iron

b) Vitamin C

c) Vitamin K


7. What are the best foods to beat a hangover?

a) Poached egg with avocado on rye

b) A green vegetable juice

c) Full fry up


8. Which cheese has the lowest amount of saturated fat?

a) Cheddar

b) Gorgonzola

c) Brie


9. What’s the best snack to leave out for Santa if you don’t want him to get stuck down the chimney?

a) A slice of Christmas Cake.

b) A portion of hummus and carrot sticks

c) A sausage roll


How did you score?

The answers are below:


1. C, 2. A, 3. C, 4. A, 5. A, 6. B, 7. A, 8. C, 9. B