Anna Langridge, of Wellbody Health and Fitness, shares some top tips on how to fit working out into our busy lifestyle


I am not sure if you are old enough to remember the Green Goddess, Diane Moran, who hosted the popular exercise segment of BBC1's Breakfast Time programme in the '80s?

I am and I clearly remember my mother leaping around the lounge, accidentally kicking the dog, whilst trying to keep pace with the Goddess's Grapevine changes, encouraged by her beautiful Queens English accent. My mum was single then, she had a full time job, a dog and two kids to look after and this was the only moment she had in the day to exercise.

Since the '80s the pace of life has accelerated and people's leisure time or ‘me time’ has got even shorter. People are searching even more for faster and more convenient ways to ‘fit in that workout’ between busy schedules. I am definitely one of these people. TV workouts have significantly evolved and improved since the '80s and with the change in new and improved technologies, i.e. TVs, smart phones, internet etc, consuming vital group exercise has been made very easy. You can now choose to subscribe to an on-demand channel and there are some websites that even offer to join a ‘live’ scheduled streamed workout.

There is so much choice in types of online workouts now. From Pilates, Yoga, High Intensity Training, Flexibility, Strength, Cardio… the list goes on. I would recommend finding a website that suits your level and experience and giving it a go, especially if your leisure time was like my mum's. Just remember, keep the dog out the way!

All you need is a small space in the house, a TV, computer, phone or tablet, and a little motivation.

Try my website,, where you will find a great selection of workouts to get you started. This site caters for most levels but is best suited for people who are just getting back into fitness and want workouts that last around 20mins.

When subscribing use the CODE: Wellbody14 And you will get 14 days free to give it a go.