As Gemma Bailey and Claire Carr reminisce about the time they turned up in the same outfit, or bought their children the same birthday present, it's clear they have a strong bond.

But the pair, friends since junior school, share more than just memories. It was their passion for fashion, jewellery and interiors, as well as their love for stars, that sparked the idea for a unique business.

Stary Eyed was born in October, and is already making a name for itself both locally and further afield.

Products either handmade by Gemma and Claire, or adapted to their designs, are stocked at Mudeford's Christchurch Harbour Hotel, as well as at The Raft Wild & Free in Christchurch, while online sales are soaring.

From cushion covers and clocks to t-shirts and tunics, as well as earrings, bracelets and necklaces, each item features a star motif, in keeping with the company name.

"The word 'stary' is urban slang for 'stay away from worry'," explains Claire, who has a background in fashion retail working for brands including Ted Baker and All Saints.

"Both Gemma and I are all about being passionate, enthusiastic and enjoying a meaningful life. You only get one shot, so take the bright side, sparkle and enjoy the present."

The idea for the business was born when both Gemma and Claire moved back to the area to raise their children.

"I had thought about the concept for a good three or four years," explains Gemma, who studied PR at Bournemouth University and worked for various London agencies before joining her husband's construction company.

"When we moved down here I just felt 'this is the right time'."

Initially, the pair wanted to focus on home and lifestyle.

"We thought that we would almost have to be a stockist," says Gemma, "because that would be where our financed allowed us to go. When we delved into it, we realised we had no buying power.

"That brought us onto designing some of our lines. Claire was making our jewellery. Already, in two seasons, we've been able to approach suppliers and work with them more."

Claire adds: "With buying in, it wasn't our own, which wasn't what we wanted."

The company is now in a position to approach manufacturers and request particular designs or colourways to fit the Stary Eyed brand, but Gemma and Claire are keen to keep things local as much as possible.

"We've got father and son matching bow ties," says Gemma, "they're from a seamstress that's based in Mudeford. We use a printers in Boscombe for our babywear, a printer in East London and one in Highcliffe. But we also have supply channels in Belgium, France, Italy, Shanghai and India.

"Some items we've adapted. The t-shirts and jumpers, and the babywear is totally our design."

On the jewellery side, Gemma and Claire have found a stainless steel supplier, which means the designs do not tarnish, with "fashion" pieces coming from suppliers, alongside their own more timeless, handmade pieces.

"The homeware is a mix", adds Claire.

"The cushion covers are from a supplier and we had them printed with our logo. We've just done a staple collection to begin with.

"But we have so many ideas."

Having done a couple of local pop-up shops, and seeing orders flood in from all over the country, it's clear the brand is growing in popularity. Famous followers include LA-based actress and children's TV presenter Chloe Bale, who owns the staple Two Star Tee, and actress Charlie Brooks, who has the Blurry Eyed jumper.

But Gemma and Claire say their biggest fans are their children.

"My daughter doesn't wear anything that's not pink," says Claire, "but when she saw the black and white t-shirt, she wanted to wear it all the time. Every time she sees a star she says 'is that Stary Eyed?'"

Gemma adds: "My friend's little boy wanted to buy a sweatshirt with his birthday money – he's only three.

"In the beginning, we had so many friends and family buying to support us, but they're still buying, which is great, because it means they like the product."

While they admit it's been a "chaotic" few months, Gemma and Claire's passion for the business – and their friendship – continues to grow.

"There's a real, natural relationship, because we will chat about an idea and be so excited about it," smiles Gemma.

"We love it."