It has long been known for pushing boundaries, and Poole-based cosmetics company Lush is leading the way once again, by opening its very first stand-along hair salon on the UK.

The HairLab, which follows an in-store concept in Lush Liverpool, is based around the corner from the Poole High Street store, and offers a completely new experience including cutting services and treatments, as well as hair education and advice and even the chance to make your own bespoke products.

Clients are greeted by an expert hair technician and taken through an initial, in-depth consultation to get to know the hair from root to tip, discover what they want to achieve from their visit and to identify the perfect combination of products, treatments and techniques.

This is followed by a visit to the Tea Bar, where clients are guided through a range of fresh ingredients to benefit both hair and scalp, while learning about the effects of each product, meaning the technician can "fine-tune" the treatment.

Another unique feature to the HairLab is the unique, mineralised water blends, which allow hair technicians to tailor the mineral content of the water to the needs of your hair. The mineralised ‘hard’ water blend deposits a cocktail of salts onto the hair that will ‘stick’ to the hair creating more volume and texture, while the demineralised ‘soft’ water blend contains trace levels of these salts, to help close the cuticle and smooth the hair.

Every aspect of the experience has been clearly thought out, during the five years it has taken to bring the initial HairLab idea to life.

"We spent five years working on every single aspect of what a hair product could be," explains Lush product inventor and cosmetic scientist Dan Campbell, who is based at the lab.

Dan insists the journey has been a real team effort, with each member of staff involved in the creation of new products, some of which have been developed only for use in the HairLab.

“By improving our clients understanding of their hair, the product they use and the way in which they use it, we can ensure they have a beautiful (hair) day everyday," he says.

"The truth is, you’re already perfect as you are. We’re just helping you express yourself through your hair.”

The HairLab is open on Wednesday to Friday, 9.30am to 5pm The HairLab, Strand Street, Poole 07892 706614