There's just something about the neutral, Scandinavian look that works for all seasons.

It manages to look clean and fresh in summer months, while still being cosy and snug during the colder winter season.

Which is why the beautiful Willow Lifestyle store has been such a success since it opened in Lymington High Street almost ten years ago.

Three shops merged into one, the interiors furniture and accessories haven is dedicated to the tonal feel, offering two floors of inspiration for those wanting to recreate the look in their own home.

In fact, the Willow Lifestyle signature theme is so coveted, that the store also now offers its very own interior design service, with a small team working from an office situated at the back of the shop.

"People wanted what we produce in the shop - to get that look," explains Mark Tindale, who has been with the company since it was created by Rob Burns in 2009.

"Some of the work we do is the same look as the shop," agreed designer Jean Urwin, "but we have evolved to a much broader style - we work with our clients on what they want.

"Sometimes we have projects that are a bit more contemporary, a bit more colour. But there's always that underlying comfortable, relaxed feel.

"We do lots of second homes, which then continue into main homes, and we work locally as well as further afield to London and Sussex."

Its Lymington location means Willow Lifestyle is ideally situated for both local residents and those holidaying in the area.

"Lots of people are away for the weekend, or at their second homes," says Mark.

"People stay at The Pig, particularly, or in the New Forest. We do have a real cross-section - we cater for all people. It could just be their headboard or a pair of curtains, to a full project - each job is different."

The store is organised into rooms, to make it easy to visualise the concept in your own home.

Downstairs there are sections for the kitchen pantry and bathroom, as well as cushions, candles, wicker baskets of all size and shape imaginable, and a host of sparkly Christmas accessories, while the upstairs space has been created into bedroom areas, all with the same, tonal look.

"We are very much a tonal shop," smiles Mark.

"We started off very organic, very natural and it just grew from that. It's quite hard to source all organic, but we keep that natural element in the shop.

"We have seasonal pieces - cushions and home accessories - but there are also sofas and tables. The sofas are British-made and we have textiles from Sweden, lighting from the Netherlands.

"We only hold a certain amount, but there are endless suppliers that we can get things from and we can have pieces made bespoke for us like sofas and tables."

As part of the Willow Lifestyle design service, the team also makes custom headboards and made to measure curtains.

Despite its size, space is at a something of a premium in the store, due to the huge range of products stocked. A cafe area on the ground floor was successful for six years before it had to be done away with to provide more floor space.

The solution is a continual updating of stock - so much so that customers are urged to take photographs of things they like, so they can show staff exactly what it is they're after.

While Willow Lifestyle boasts many international clients - it has sold a table and chairs to a customer in Germany and done shipments to the Bahamas and Barbados - the team stresses its local custom is just as important.

The store has hosted Christmas preview evenings for the last two years, and is hoping to arrange other, similar events throughout the year.

For now though, much of the focus is on the company's sales website, which has been up and running for the last year.

"The key is to get 800 to 1,000 pieces on there," explains Mark.

"We aim to create a relaxing and tactile showroom blending furniture and home accessories to inspire and inspirit. This care and commitment doesn’t stop in our store. We want you to enjoy the same select collection of beautiful furniture and accessories, by making them even more accessible to buy online."

Willow Lifestyle, High Street, Lymington

T: 01590 670000