A new season undoubtedly calls for new colours - thankfully, Dorset-based luxury brand Farrow & Ball is at hand to provide us with inspiration for the autumn/winter months ahead.

The paint and wallpaper expert, which has its headquarters in Wimborne, is introducing nine rich new paint shades to its colour card this autumn.

The new colours which range from an exotic pink and a deep red, to a soft off white and down to earth blue and are the first from the brand since 2016.

Carefully chosen to rebalance the Farrow & Ball colour card, the new additions will replace nine existing shades to preserve the curated palette of 132 paint colours that’s become so synonymous with the brand.

“New colours is an incredibly exciting time at Farrow & Ball, it’s not something we do often, making it feel all the more special," says head of creative Charlotte Cosby who co-created the new paint hues.

“An extraordinary amount of time and thought goes into each colour, from working with our expert craftsmen to refine the exact shade to dreaming up the perfect name and telling the story behind the colours.

“The collection is intelligently designed to ensure the colours you choose sit effortlessly alone or as a scheme as well as responding extraordinarily to light. We can’t wait for them to bring homes across the world to life!”

New colour names are never invented on a whim, adds Charlotte, rather each story is meticulously researched: "as was the case with down to earth De Nimes," she explains.

"Inspired by the colour of workwear first woven in the southern French city of Nimes, denim was once the uniform of the textile factory worker but is now loved across the globe.”

“Each of our colours has a complementary white which will balance your chosen shade, giving a more considered feel for example the sober tones of Bancha sit perfectly with the grey nuances of Shaded White.”

True to the 100 per cent water-based range, the new collection, which was launched globally at London Design Festival on September 20 to 23, is low odour, eco-friendly, safe and easy to use and available in a range of high performance finishes.


A soft off white

This is the lightest colour in the group including Shadow White, Shaded White and Drop Cloth - each created to look like white when used in deep shade. Pared back, timeless and familiar without the cool undertones of the more contemporary neutral groups, this soft off white is reminiscent of the colour used in old school houses.

TRERON No. 292

A dark grey green

This enduring colour is a dark green version of Farrow & Ball classic Pigeon, hence being named after the green variety of the same species. Although traditional in feel, Treron is perfect for modern homes where lots of natural materials are used or as an accent for both French Gray and our Traditional Neutrals.

JITNEY No. 293

A relaxed brown based neutral

This earthy colour sits somewhere between the more traditional Oxford Stone and greyer Elephant’s Breath. Though muted, it is incredibly uplifting and reminds us of lazy days by the sea – hence sharing its name with the bus that whisks New Yorkers out of the hot city to the similarly coloured sandy beaches of the Hamptons.


A chic red based black

This Georgian inspired red based black creates an intimate feel in super contemporary or bohemian homes, while adding a distinguished look to traditional exteriors. The perfect accent for all our reds and completing our range of blacks, Paean Black conjures up the shade of old leather hymnals and so is named after a song of praise.


A romantic and muted rose

Not to be seen as overtly pink, but rather a muted rose with enormous warmth, its powdery feel makes it incredibly soft and easy to use with complementary tones. Sulking Room Pink is evocative of the colours so often used in boudoirs, a room named after the French ‘bouder’ - to sulk.


An exotic and adventurous pink

This colour is exotic, happy and vital. The most adventurous of our pinks, Rangwali is incredibly friendly and takes its name from the powder which is thrown so enthusiastically during the Holi festival of colours in India. Though bright, it has an absorbing depth of colour which is achieved by adding a small dose of black pigment.


A deep, rich red

The deepest and richest of our reds, this Baroque colour is named in honor of our original trade name, Preference Paints. It can be used with any of the Red Based Neutrals but is particularly striking when seen in combination with Paean Black and Sulking Room Pink. The preferred red of modern homes!


A protective olive green

This mid-century modern green is a darker version of the much loved archive colour, Olive. Perfect for those who want to embrace stronger colour in the home, its sober tone creates rooms that feel calm and serene - especially when combined with soft pinks and browns. Named after Japanese tea leaves, Bancha, like a cup of green tea, provides a feeling of security.

DE NIMES No. 299

A down to earth and grounding blue

This quietly elegant blue feels wonderfully down to earth, so could be used on anything from a kitchen island to an airy drawing room. The exact shade is rooted in a regency palette but is inspired by the cloth of everyday workwear made in the French city Nîmes. Like denim, its blue hue is ultimately fashionable and yet always feels grounded.

Joa Studholme, Farrow & Ball colour curator tells Dorset Living her top colour tips for the season ahead...

1. Embrace autumnal colours like Green Smoke and Picture Gallery Red which look sensational when used together. A kitchen dresser or bookshelf could be painted in Green Smoke with the interior surfaces and shelves highlighted in Book Room Red.

2. Paint the spindles of your staircase in a bold autumnal colour like Tanners Brown. This creates a rich dark spine through the centre of the house without it being overwhelming.

3. It is always difficult to make small dark spaces look big and light so rather than fight the dwindling light of autumn use warm tones like Setting Plaster in small light deprived rooms and create a really homely atmosphere.

4. As we say goodbye to summer the warmer neutrals feel very appealing - you can use our Red Based Neutral Group (Oxford Stone, Joa’s White, Dimity and Pointing) in any combination on wall, woodwork and ceilings.

5. As the nights draw in and we crave light, use a lighter colour on the walls and a slightly darker tone on the woodwork. Off White on the walls with French Gray woodwork is particularly appealing at this time of year.

Farrow & Ball W: farrow-ball.com