"We believe that considered design improves everyday life."

The team at Jigsaw Interior Architecture are passionate about the impact their work has on the way people live.

Established by local designer Melissa Horne in 2005, the Poole-based company, which also opened a London office in 2014, has a well-earned reputation not just for being stylish and functional, but for its well thought through designs and great attention to detail.

"We have two sides to the company," explains managing and creative director Melissa, “Interior Architecture and Interior Design.

"Our Interior Architecture team is involved post planning approval and works early on in close partnership with the developer and architect to ensure that spatially an interior works and layouts are optimised.

"It is this early involvement with the developer at the outset of the build process which we feel ensures a harmonious relationship between form and function in our designs.”

Working predominantly on new-build developments which will go on to be sold, Jigsaw Interior Architecture takes care of all aspects within the design of the interiors.

"The scope of our work is incredibly comprehensive. We design bathrooms, kitchens, staircases, bespoke joinery, fireplaces; our lighting design is a key element, having a transformative effect in our interiors.

"The range of our projects is equally varied, we work on private residences for individuals, large new build apartment blocks for developers, communal spaces and lobbies, commercial projects such as bars and hotels, student accommodation as well as luxury residential developments.

"We will specify all the interior finishes looking at the design as a whole to make sure that it is cohesive and that each individual space is related to the entire scheme for a building,” says Melissa.

Jigsaw's Interior Design team offers a design service which furnishes rooms, including any wallpapering, soft furnishings, artwork and accessories. These finishing touches set the tone for the level of service for which Jigsaw is known and this team’s specialisation is in creating show homes for developers.

"We set ourselves apart in the level of detail that we demonstrate in our show homes," says Aless Cattaneo, Interior Design Department manager.

"In our show homes it’s clear that each aspect of the design is thoroughly considered; we tailor our work to each brief. We think about the location and setting of the property, the style and period of the property, the people who will live there.

"Show homes are accessorised to such a degree that they feel as if they are lived in. When we install a show home we will dress the inside of the wardrobes, bathroom cupboards, kitchen cabinets and even the fridges! We believe this level of dressing and being able to see beautiful furniture schemes in situ can make the difference with potential buyers, helping them to understand how a space will work for them,” says Aless.

Jigsaw is proud not only of its level of service, but also of its long-standing relationships with local skilled trades, which all add to the individuality and quality of the company's work.

An extension of Jigsaw's design support is its furniture pack service, which is offered to potential buyers of the new build properties the company has worked on.

"Where we've designed an interior architectural scheme for new-build apartment blocks for example, we will also install a show home for the developer to market the apartments," says Melissa.

"We can then also provide a furniture pack for potential buyers. It's not quite a full interior design scheme, but not far off it. We can tailor the furniture within the show home to suits the buyer’s individual needs.

"Similarly, for landlords or students - anyone buying a property for investment - we can provide a furniture pack. There are varying styles and levels."

Melissa believes part of the reason that Jigsaw works so well is the teamwork and communication among staff.

"We are a really close-knit team - everybody works well together," she says.

"The two sides of the business work in very close proximity with one another to ensure that everything runs smoothly and thanks to this we are fortunate to have loyal clients who will return to us project after project.”

Attention to detail is clearly a company-wide ethos - even the warehouse team works tirelessly to ensure pieces are stored correctly and that each installation runs seamlessly.

"Our philosophy is that considered design improves everyday life," says Melissa, "we strongly believe that your surroundings have an enormous effect on how you feel.”

"It has such a positive impact on your daily life if you live and work in a building that has been well-designed. It is essential for design to be functional and ergonomic, but if it is also stylish then we know we have done our job well.”

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