In the height of summer, what can be more appealing than a day out on the water?

Described as "a revolution in boating", The Boat Club, Sandbanks is offering a unique way for both local residents and regular visitors to make the most of all our beautiful coastline has to offer.

Set up almost four years ago, with a base at Parkstone Bay Marina in Poole, the company has developed a unique membership scheme, which offers unlimited access to a fleet of 12 luxury boats.

"We offer one really simple, amazing service," explains owner Chris White.

"Rather than buying a boat and having all the cost of owning a boat, you join The Boat Club, pay a one-off joining fee, with a rolling, monthly membership fee. You're not tied into any lengthy commitment.

"A lot of our members are people that can afford to have their own boat, but The Boat Club offers such a variation of experience and you have unlimited access to the fleet. They're all slightly different."

Through The Boat Club's online booking system, members can book four sessions at a time - two during the week and two at weekends. Once the sessions have been used, they go back into the client's account and can instantly be re-booked.

"The access is completely unlimited," says Chris.

"They can book the boat digitally, all they have to do is turn up. Within five minutes of getting out of their car, they can be on the boat. Our team will get the boat ready on the pontoon, it will be clean, full of fuel, cover off."

Those wishing to enjoy the water, but have no experience, are just as welcome at The Boat Club as more able seamen, with full training offered to all members.

"They go out on their own, but we look after them. You can walk through the door at The Boat Club and have no experience or qualifications, we will look after you," says Chris.

"We put you through a two-day Royal Yachting Association course - that's two days of powerboat training. Then you have an induction. That's about where to you want to go, what sort of things do you want to do? Get them out so they're enjoying it. They come down and run through the booking system, go on all the different boats and have a look around. Find the way to the restaurants they want to go to, where do I need to drop anchor to swim with the kids etc.

"A big part of our mission is to create a safe boating environment for people. Without being confident, people are not going to enjoy themselves."

The Boat Club now has around 60 members, has opened a base in France and will be unveiling a third base in Lymington for the 2019 season.

Chris, who previously worked in the industry as a captain, says it became clear there was a gap in the market for such a service when people began to re-assess their spending habits during the recession.

"The first thing go to was a boat, when people were trying to watch what they were spending. Lots of boats were coming up for sale. I think now we all do everything in such a fashion that none of us really want to buy anything, because everything is such a lot of money. So that's where we came from.

"It's for a fixed fee, which is a complete alien in boating, knowing what it's going to cost you. Compare that with owning a boat, with the huge amount of uncertainty."

Chris is keen to make boating accessible to all - an ethos which is reflected in the club's membership demographic.

"We've got a lot of second home owners who might be living in London or Surrey and have a flat in Sandbanks. Our other type of members, we've got young-ish families locally and semi-retirees locally. We are quite a broad demographic - everything from a premier league footballer to a 65-year-old pensioner.

"If you look at a map of Poole, Poole Harbour takes up most of it. It's something that not enough people have access to. We are definitely making it far more accessible."

As well as getting more people out on the water, Chris is keen to further develop the social aspect of the club.

There are already two members' events held every month, including regattas and meals, which offer a chance for people to ask questions of Chris, and to meet other members.

"That's what it's all about," he explains.

"The Boat Club is more than going out boating - there's more to it. It's a chance to be part of something. That's where I'm focusing my growth and expansion. Rather than buying lots of boats, I want to build a clubhouse down here - an environment for our members.

"It's certainly been organically growing. We've just found we've matured and we've got the experience and we've got members who have shown us and demonstrated to us what they want. So we've now got a really good recipe that caters for what people want."

To join The Boat Club, there is a one-off joining fee of £4,800, and a rolling monthly fee of £295. To find out more, visit the website or call the club on the number below. The Boat Club will also have a stand at the Southampton Boat Show, which runs from September 14 to 23.

The Boat Club Sandbanks, Parkstone Bay Marina, Turks Lane, Poole T: 01202 724912 E: W: