There are some Indian restaurants that no self-respecting curry addict can afford to miss and Indis of Westbourne is one of them!

Although funky fusion food is no longer a new concept, this is contemporary Asian cuisine at its finest.

Aside from the laminate wood flooring and minimalistic décor, it is the attention to detail that sets it apart.

All the waiters are impeccably turned out in monogrammed burgundy shirts and cufflinks (the service is faultless too). Even the modern artwork features some local scenes.

It was all so civilised that instead of ordering my usual bottle of Indian beer, I felt a white wine spritzer was more appropriate in the circumstances.

Within a few minutes of our drinks arriving we were presented with a couple of light crispy poppodums and a selection of fresh chutneys and tangy sauces which we soon demolished as we scanned the menu.

For starters we were tempted by the Fresh Garlic Scallops £6.95 and the Aromatic Crab Cakes £5.50 made to the chef’s own recipe.

But in the end I went with our waiter’s recommendation – Paneer Chicken £4.75 cooked with capsicum, onion, fresh herbs, cheese and olive oil.

Apparently the paneer cheese is freshly made on the premises and you really can taste the difference. Sometimes it can be a bit tasteless and rubbery but this was moist with a lovely subtle flavour and a consistency rather like tofu.

The chicken was spicy and tender, accompanied with strips of sweet red pepper, copious amounts of coriander and a generous side order of salad. Although it would probably be too rich as a main course it made a perfect starter.

Meanwhile my husband was making short work of his tandoori langoustine £5.75. It was a jumbo prawn marinated in mild spices and cooked to perfection in the clay oven, beautifully presented on a slab of black slate complete with a small bowl of home-made sweet chilli sauce.

So far so fabulous. The main course menu is divided in to Superior Selection including exotic sounding dishes such as fresh swordfish jal and the lightly spiced fillet of sea bass. Then there are the Old Favourites – kormas, bhunas and dhansaks etc.

We considered ordering a dish from each section but our waiter urged us to go for the specialist dishes pointing out that we could order a madras anywhere.

My husband loves lamb and was tempted by the Minty Lamb dish (apparently they tested this particular dish in India where it has become a firm favourite).

But in the ended he plumped for the Aroma Lamb Sizzler £8.95 – described as a palatable dish for every type of constitution and served in a sizzling platter – just the smell was a feast for the senses.

I chose the Garlic Chilli Chicken £8.95, a robust dish with generous chunks of succulent chicken breast in a thick, spicy sauce which left a pleasant tingle on the tongue.

I couldn’t resist a side order of Sobzi Mushrooms £4.25 which were finely chopped cooked in garlic and served with a good sprinkling of fresh spinach.

Everything at Indi’s is of the highest quality from the level of service to the food, which is locally sourced wherever possible.

And unlike many Indian restaurants, Indis has an individual curry paste for each dish achieving a hugely diverse range of flavours.

Even the dessert menu is a far-cry from the usual fare. We rounded off our gastronomic feast with New Forest Ice cream and a frothy coffee. Sublime. No wonder it was jam-packed, even early on a mid-week evening. Indis is in Seamoor Road, Westbourne. Call 01202 759200.